• Step 1

    “Got Jerseys?”

    Round up your old game and/or practice jerseys, wash them, and count up your collection!

    You can also use:
    Sweat Shirts
    Practice Shirts
    Jeans or
    Any other materials!!

  • Step 2

    Choose Your Perfect Blanket Size

    Click the “Get Started' button below and select Jersey Blanket. Choose your blanket size based on the number of jersey's and/or clothing you have to clear out.
    Box them up, attach the provided shipping label, and they’re off to the "JB Stitch Arena" to begin your perfect Jersey Blanket Experience!

  • Step 3

    Create Your Blanket Design

    Once we receive your collection of jerseys and/or clothing, you will be contacted by your personal Jersey Blanket Expert who will help guide you through the customization of your blanket using our Jersey Blanket Customizer. You will have full control, putting you in the driver’s seat of creativity!

Why Jersey Blanket?

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With your help by the donation of your excess Jersey squares, materials, and textiles to Jersey’s 4 the Metropolitan Homeless, each order drives impact in local communities by aiding the homeless crisis arising in today's inner cities. The donation of excess materials not only reduces waste, but also helps to “Spread the Warmth” by creating blankets, scarves, beanies, mittens and much more for the homeless!

Be Eco-Friendly - Love the Earth

The absolute LAST place you would want your Jerseys to go is a landfill! NO WAY!! Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle is the way of Jersey Blanket! We make sure to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible and responsibly dispose of any necessary items throughout the Jersey Blanket Production Cycle! We believe our responsibility with textiles is the most effective way to help keep our planet beautiful and green!


Be an Inspiration and Support Others Whenever You Can

Know that when you build your blanket with Jersey Blanket, you are supporting the most positive work environments for those who need it most. Being a very proud partner with multiple different local initiatives, Jersey Blanket not only works with the best seamstresses in the business today, but also the best organizations who drive the largest impact in their respective space. AMAZING groups of people who also DRIVE IMPACT within their community. Truly making a difference! HUGE Thank YOU to all of our growing partners!