Jersey Blanket’s clever staff can make just about anything work. We'll make your T-shirts pop- just like we do each jersey!

Once your collections of jerseys arrive to the JB Stich Arena, the typical production time of your blanket is 4-7 weeks, depending upon the availability of the materials you select. We promise to keep you up to date on the production and shipping process.

Simple answer: YOU DO!  Our design team will help with the initial layout, then you control the final product via our “Magic Wall”. Once you verify your design, it immediately leaves the “On Deck” holding zone and enters the “Stitch Arena”.

We will work with you and our shipping partners to make things right. If we miscut, tear, or make a mistake, we will refund and do the best to make it up to you. We know how important these items are to you!

We will always try to make any adjustments that you desire to your Jersey Blanket. However, if your custom order reaches the “Stitch Arena” before we know about the desired change, it may be too late. 

It depends on the size of the blanket you wish to create.  For example, a twin sized Jersey Blanket requires 20 Jersey Blanket "Squares", so 10 Jerseys would be necessary if you used both the front and back of each jersey.

Please wash your jerseys before sending them to us. Our team will iron, steam, and press each jersey before they are cut and your blanket starts the design process.

There are a few ways to donate jerseys. You can ship them in directly or you can locate a J4MH Dropbox Affiliate on the website